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outpatient department

The ENT Outpatient Department runs a comprehensive range of routine clinics for both adults and children every week.

There are also some specialist clinics led by doctors and nurse practitioners.  We also run a special clinic for patients who have been referred by their GP or other doctor with suspected symptoms of cancer in the head or neck.  If you are referred to one of these clinics you will be seen within two weeks for an urgent assessment and further investigations as quickly as possible.

Please register your attendance at the reception desk directly in front of you, there are ENT clinic running daily with each consultant having their own clinic sessions. We have several doctors in the clinic at any one time, running alongside each other. this may mean patients arriving after you but being seen before you. The department aims to keep within 30 minutes of your appointment time, though the following circumstances can prevent this from happening. Some patients require hearing tests prior to their consultation, because ENT is a specialized field we have a lot of emergency referrals from General Practitioners that require urgent attention. If we have several extra referrals this will inevitably cause a delay in clinic.

If there are going to be delays to you appointment time then staff will keep you informed as best as possible. As we carry out certain tests and procedures in our centre an adult must accompany children under sixteen years old.


    • Voice and Speech Clinic
    • Bone anchored Hearing Air Clinic
    • Paediatric (Children) Hearing Assessment Clinic
    • Allergy Clinic

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 We have several doctors in the clinic at one time If you know your Doctor click here .
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Here are just some of the positive comments we received from Outpatient Satisfaction Surveys......

- पिछले तीन महीने मे ये मेरा दूसरा ऑपरेशन था और अबकी बार मैं शायद ज्यादा डरा हुआ था लेकिन कनग हॉस्पिटल में मुझे भर्ती होने के बाद बिलकुल घर जैसा वातावरण मिला, इस प्रकार की सेवा और समर्पण मेरठ मे मुझे नहीं लगता की कही और मिल सकता है - धन्यवाद कनग

- You have a superb facility; my care was exceptional. I have nothing but good to pass on to others. Thank you all so very much!

- I really appreciate all the careful explanations at each step of the way.

- We were very happy with all the staff. What a great bunch of people you have. The facility was also nice. You all do a great job!

- I was very impressed with facility and the staff. I cannot say enough good things about my stay. When my mother had surgery at another facility we felt we needed to be there to be certain she was well cared for but I didn't have that concern with you. It was nice not to have "hospital" noise all day/night. My room was huge, clean and comfortable.